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What are the benefits of stretching?
Stretching maintains and can improve flexibility. Stretching regularly increases action potential in muscles so more power is available to the horse and rider when needed, normally in competition. Stretching correctly can minimize physical stress, improve body awareness (for both horse and rider) and illustrate tension points to be counter-balanced during training. Increased flexibilty also offers greater power to the muscles for the equine athlete through resolving places of hypertonicity or trigger points in muscles preventing holding patterns. A regular stretch routine also maintains closer relationships with your horse.

How can Cranial Sacral Therapy
help my horse?

Cranial Sacral therapy is a modality working with the craniosacral fluid residing within the spinal cord. The restrictions creating holding patterns in emotions or physical structure are resolved by the process of unwinding. It is a subtle but powerful process as it taps the natural healing system within the horse, dog, or human. As the unwind process works through the craniosacral system, behavioral and physical issues are able to be resolved by helping spinal nerves receive proper fluid nutrition within the spine.

How does Reiki work?
Both Karuna and Usui Reiki systems work to restore harmony in the auric field. It creates a state of relaxation and stress reduction. By restoring the universal life force or Ki within a creature, balance can be achieved. It is a very gentle non-invasive technique that can be applied daily. Hand positions are used by the practitioner to restore balance in the electromagnetic field around the body. Hand positions are changed after a release or change is felt by the practitioner. Even the most tentative receive Reiki well.

What is animal communication?
Can it be done long distance?

Animal communication works with telepathic communication of pictures, language, and images to answer questions people may have for their animals. Frequently, traumas, memories, old injuries and other mysteries can be resolved using this technique. People can develop the skill and become more adept at it the more they use it. This type of communication can develop new relationships with our animals and extend our senses beyond where we thought possible. Animal communication can be done hands-on or from a distance.